Eat right. Shop smart. There is so much you need to know about the food you eat.

Nowadays, eating right can not be just eating the right food. It must also be eating it when it still has the right nutrition and freshness. It is about eating Truly Farm Fresh Foods.

Truly Farm-Fresh is different from Grocery Fresh. truefarmfresh Truly Farm-Fresh is what you get from a Farmers Market or from an actual local farm. It was not charged with chemical preservatives because it was not intended to go on grocery shelves where it waits indefinitely to be picked up by customers.

You see, the challenge for the food retail operation is extending shelf life. The longer they can keep it looking fresh, the less the spoilages therefore less cost. And spoilage is a major cost component in operating groceries and supermarkets. Food engineers and scientists have developed various methods to keep apples looking fresh for more than 6 months, beef for several months, and prawns for more than a year. We don’t want that. You don’t want that.

SmartGrocer is not a regular grocery store. We are a small family owned home delivery business dedicated to reducing the amount of distance and time that our food travels from the farm to the table. We’re a farm produce consolidator who decided to use the internet to directly serve people who treasure time, health and good value. Discover more in our website.

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